Established in 2001, we have been 'wowing' our customers since the start.

Imagine a whole freshly roasted pig arriving at your party!  You just can't have a party without it!

Need more than just a pig roast?  We make all our own salads from tossed garden salad to greek salad to coleslaw.  Don't forget our fantastic homemade potato salad!  Oh and our desserts are all homemade from scratch too....

All our pigs and chickens are raised locally by a mennonite farmer who takes real pride in his products.  We also shop regularly at the local markets and buy all fresh produce.  Need corn on the cob?  We only use the best from Herles of course.

Our pigs are seasoned with our special pig powder and cooked 'low and slow' to perfection.

We also make our own Maple Barbeque Sauce.  Be sure to try some at one of the outdoor festivals we attend (see the about page).

We can barbeque year round!!!!  Call us at 519-725-3977 to book your party today!  Weekends in the summer book up fast!

Roller Roaster BBQ Catering